- Why I am running for Wetaskiwin City Council -

Who Am I?

I am a life long resident of the City of Wetaskiwin.  I have lived in this City since the age of two with a year in southern Alberta and a year in Vancouver, BC.  My time away allowed me to truly appreciate the uniqueness and special character of Wetaskiwin.  All five of my children were born in this City and when my family decided to leave the Lower Mainland, there was no where else I wanted to be than in Wetaskiwin.  I remember when this City flourished and I am heartbroken to see how this community has stagnated and lost its direction.  There has been a lack of development and imagination over the past 10 years.  I have a stake in seeing this community thrive and am completely committed to the growth of Wetaskiwin.  I have the passion and ideas that will move this city forward. 

Business Experience

I have been a marketing manager, assistant commercial real estate agent, and a business owner in our City.  I have extensive experience in policy creation and have the business expertise to understand how municipal policies affect property values and growth opportunities.  I will strive to make our City more business friendly and focus on growth.  This will decrease our taxes, increase property values, and improve our lives in this City.